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I started my Zentangle journey about 11 yrs ago and for over 10 yrs now have taught over 1000s of enthusiasts, which is a wide variety of audience at different age groups and skill levels. I have had the opportunity to be part of so many zentangle journeys, that I now know the exact fixes to the frustrations. With that experience, I have developed classes, workshops, courses and membership to share all my knowledge with you. Learn the secrets, nuances, and skills you need to become a successful tangler.

Let's get creative my friend, I will guide you through your journey.

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Learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful abstract mindful drawings instantly even without any artistic skills and complicated expensive supplies.

In this beginner's session get comfortable working with patterns, shading and create beautiful abstract art.

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 COMING SOON An online course to equip you with all the skills you need to become a successful tangler.

The Tryst with ZIA Course is a beloved 12-week online program for those who want to take their Zentangle journey to the next level after the Fundamentals session.

Exploring the Zentangle Inspired Art. From how to work on multiple background colors without feeling clueless and overwhelmed, to learning diverse tools & techniques, to creating interesting unique ZIAs without any guess works.

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A monthly online membership focusing on mindful creativity, helping tanglers enhance their Zentangle skills and techniques.

Join us to further your tangling skills consistently step by step, by exploring multiple techniques, ideas, and topics but most importantly by avoiding overwhelm and confusion.

A soulful community of like-minded creatives to support you!











Zentangle is a “Meditative Artform”, which is a relaxing method of creating beautiful abstract art using repetitive structured patterns. It teaches to be mindful and focuses on being present in the moment. Zentangle is about the process of creating which leads to well-being, relaxation, and contentment. Zentangle requires no artistic skills, yet regular practice helps in the development and nurturing of creative abilities, to consciously relax, and discover self in the process.


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I am loving the Serene experience. The work is refreshing, challenging, innovative and the directions are easy to follow. The lessons are adding to my tangling repertoire and I look forward to each step along the way. I feel that I can begin to grow as an "artist" with Sandhya's guidance.

I enjoy the feedback from the group and enjoy reading the posts, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in Zentangle. 

- Joan O'Donnell, USA


I started with zentangle to fight depression as my only daughter left the nest for higher studies. I came across CZT Sandhya Manne and I felt connected to her. Her way of expressing each tangle and the variety in her projects got me hooked on. When she announced Serene I thought why not. Let's see what this will offer. We are more than one month old now and it has been a wonderful experience.

Every Thursday I wait anxiously for what challenge Sandhya is going to throw our way. When I see her lessons I feel I can achieve the impossible and get motivated on how well can I present it. I like her openness to ideas. The Serene community helps in bringing out the best in all. Hoping to improve and reach the next level in creationism.

- Shruti Ghorpade, India

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Namaste, I'm Sandhya

an artist, an oil painter, and a Certified Zentangle Teacher. 

I had always been artistically inclined and absolutely enjoyed all kinds of art and craft.  Living in the USA, a new country for us with two little kids and no help, very few friends and barely anyone among those sharing similar interests for art was extremely difficult and stressful. But a 4 hr Zentangle workshop at a local art association changed my life forever.

I have been captivated ever since coz it was THE perfect thing I needed to keep my creativity alive, to connect with myself, to get myself into a quick zen mode. I enjoyed creating it and loved what I created. In between all the motherhood mayhem, it gave me instant gratification, satisfaction, self-confidence, and total Zen!! 

In 2011, I became India’s first Certified Zentangle Teacher. I have been learning, sharing, and creating Zentangle artworks ever since and have been part of many artshows both in the US and India. Many of my works are now part of private collections in India, Canada, USA, and UK. I have taught 1000s of people both in the US and India through community colleges, art associations, schools, corporate sessions, private sessions, group classes, international online classes.

I am honored to guide you through your Zentangle journey.


Zentangle® is a registered trademark and trade name (Zentangle, Inc.). The Zentangle method refers to the Zentangle inc. patented teaching method for the Zentangle art.