The space to untangle with Zentangle®, prioritizing self-care with mindful creativity through weekly fun projects.

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The lessons at Serene are challenging and inspiring. This is a warm and welcoming tangling community and Sandhya is an excellent teacher.

- Sue Reynolds, USA

Zentangle is a “Meditative Artform”, that is a relaxing method of creating beautiful abstract art using repetitive structured patterns.  It teaches and focuses on being mindful and present.
Zentangle requires no artistic skills.

SERENE is the place where mindfullness and creativity harmonize.

A space that's carefully crafted for you to further your tangling skills consistently step by step, by exploring multiple techniques, ideas, and topics but most importantly by avoiding overwhelm and confusion.

It’s the space where tanglers like you empathize, share stories, and show support. Inside Serene, you’ll find detailed insight, energetic community, and consistent guidance toward progress.

SERENE is an ongoing, soulful community of like-minded creatives to support you and celebrate you!!

Sandhya is very talented and I recommend that zentangle enthusiasts join Serene to grow and learn new skills.

- Cheryl Andrew, Australia


Namaste, I am Sandhya


I started my Zentangle journey about 11 yrs back and for 10 yrs have taught over 1000s of enthusiasts, which is a wide variety of audience at different age groups and skill levels. I have been part of so many zentangle journeys, that I now know the exact fixes to the frustrations of their projects and struggles. I see the missing dots and I know how to connect them.


Let's get creative my friend, I will guide you through your journey.

Serene has made me more confident in my work. The lessons have added value to my pen strokes. The journal is a great idea!

Serene community is very friendly and appreciative of fellow tangler's work, it is very encouraging to read comments of my fellow Serener because they are on the same journey, even when each one's level as an artist varies.

- Sarita Shroff, India


SERENE is one of a kind Zentangle Experience focusing on mindful creativity and helping tanglers enhance their Zentangle skills and techniques.

In this year-long experience, you will receive the following weekly projects

- Tangle Scroll lessons for building basics using "The Number Tag Method"

- Tangle Mastery lessons to enhance skills with new tips and techniques,

-Tangle Artistry for creating beautiful projects in multiple mediums and backgrounds

- Useful resources, worksheets/Templates, Mindful meditations

- Live Q&As and Tangle Talks

- Gentle critiques & practical insights from Sandhya

- Assignments and prompts to help develop your style

- A vibrant community of like-minded creatives to support you and celebrate you

So far the weekly lessons exceeded my expectations. I found Zentangle 17 months ago, and have been a CZT for 3 months now, but am aware I still need guidance through my Zentangle-journey. Sandhya's Serene Tanglers' community feels like the right place to be for that! I highly recommend Sandhya Manne as a Zentangle inspirator, join us as a Serene Tangler!

- Hellen Hurkens-Moll, The Netherlands


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