Discover the Magic of  "TRISKELE PAPER GLOBE" 

Unleash Your Creativity with origami and intricate tangles. 


Embark on a fun trip with "TRISKELE PAPER GLOBE," an interesting project that transforms a simple paper globe into a mesmerising work of art. Delve into the world of intricate tangles and unlock endless possibilities for crafting ornaments and personalized gifts with heartfelt messages.

Workshop Highlights:

Origami Globe: Discover how to craft an origami globe that can be infused with heartfelt messages and meaning.
Tangle Crafting: Learn the intricate tangles, breathing life into your paper globe with each stroke.
Colorful Transformation: Enhance your tangled designs with a burst of vibrant colors, turning your creation into a visual masterpiece.

 What You Will Learn:
- Techniques for creating organic tangles using black ink on the paper globe.
- Methods for enhancing tangled designs with vibrant colors.
- Tips for crafting an origami globe that can be enhanced with heartfelt messages.

Who Is This Workshop For?
- Tanglers looking to learn a new creative way to use Zentangle.
- Art enthusiasts seeking new creative outlets.
- Tanglers eager to explore the art of tangled designs with vibrant colors.

With comprehensive support and abundant resources, you'll be well-equipped to explore your artistic flair as you craft organic tangles on an origami project taking Zentangle beyond the tile.

Limited Time Offer! Register at the current price in the next 48 hours. Refine your Zentangle skills and unleash your artistic creativity before the price increases!

Access to the workshop is available for 90 days starting from the date of purchase. 

P.S. This is an Advance Zentangle project, if you are just getting started then I highly recommend you start with my beginner's workshop the Fundamentals of Zentangle, before registering for TRISKELE PAPER GLOBE workshop.

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INR ‚āĻ2500